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September 2019
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AllaFIT [userpic]
Куда применить старые джинсы?

Автор - Корната. Это цитата этого сообщения

Куда применить старые джинсы?

Zipper Bracelet by KariMcMurphy on Etsy. Love the idea of using zipper for bracelet closure! Gotta make me one :)

Upcycled Denim

Crafts From Denim | Sandals made from scrap denim | Crafts I'll Probably Never DoRecycled denim shoes - love the idea of creating a pair from some "outgrown" jeans!{Recycled Jeans Bracelet - By MiekK} Something to do with the "scraps" from shorts. Ya know, the pieces you debate on throwing away but, you just can't do it cuz 'One day, I'll do something with you'!Old jeans bracelet is really fun and you can give to someone as...Try denim decorated cans to make nice looking containersOld jeans recycle idea :)simple handmade journal of recycled denim (projects, crafts, DIY, do it yourself, fun, creative, uses, use, ideas, inspiration, 3R's, reduce, reuse, recycle, used, upcycle, repurpose, handmade, homemade, materials)75 Examples of Chic Upcycled Fashion - From Upcycled Household Garments to Recycled Swimwear Couture (TOPLIST)Beautiful sewn #denim bowl tutorial (how has this not been pinned a million times already?) #jean #repurpose denim bowlDenim Cuff Bracelet - Jeans Bracelet - Levis - Blue Denim Bracelet - Piece Lustmake outdoor denim cushionsDenim owl, lol. This link goes to Craftster but the owl isn't there anymore.denim beads. Made the same way as the magazine beads in my craft folder.Great idea to glue recycled jeans onto a notebook- fun back 2 school idea~Denim Blue TWIST friendship bracelet, charm bracelet, wrap around bracelet, braided bracelet, beach starfish charmDenim Pockets Wallet with zipper for iPhone. MADE TO ORDER Men Women. homesteading Eco Fashion upcycled repurposed. Fall/Winter Fashion. $15.00, via Etsy.how to make unique clutch bag using a plastic bottle and old jeans......for all kids besides flip flops. check with auto upholstery shops for scraps of vinyl for the bottomsbraided seams from old jeansOne Kiss Creations Beaded Jewelry: Reclaimed Sari Ribbon Denim CuffDenim bracelet

'Red-Levi', a teddy bear created from old jeans! (A great way to recycle/refashions old denim clothes.)21centurydressmakers: How to Make a Pair of Cozy and Sweet Ballet SlippersThis re-style would make an awesome money holding apron for craft shows or even yard sales Or to make fanny packs cool again!diy leather belt from leather jacket

Denim fabric bead necklace

Tassel made with oldd jeans and T-shirt and some beads.

DIY: Stuffed Robot. Cutest. Thing. Ever.Studio Box Tutorial

michele made me: New-Old-Reversible-Sun-HatphotoCharismatic Jean Headshots - Ian Berry Uses His Signature Denim Art Style to Create Portraits (GALLERY)Denim BraceletJeans quilt - diamonds and stripesSimple, scrappy denim quilt.Denim HEAVENdenim curtainsLawn chair from the waistbands of jeans!

 .Label 88; A, B, C, keyringstie blue jeans recycled elastic. via Etsy.Repurposed JeanUpcycled Denim by PtarrahCLOSE-UP DENIM

Denim pillow sham.denim haJean Pocket Pillow | Flickrlove the quiltingmy denim braceletsHollis Chatelain's Quilt: Denim Flowrecycled denim pencil / paintbrush / tool roll - like this as a paintbrush idea. If you used regular fabric it would look pretty stained soon, but denim would actually improve with use I think! Denim Artwork

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