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June 2018
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AllaFIT [userpic]
Wild and crazy goats.Горные козлы.

Wild and crazy goats


Living in mountainous regions around North America, mountain goats can be found at altitudes of up

to 13,000 feet, climbing cliffs all day long, in search of food. Thanks to their cloven hooves, each featuring

two widely-spaced toes that provide great balance, mountain goats can challenge any seasoned climber

and probably best him.

Their double-layered, thick white coats provide camouflage in snowy settings, but the altitude they can reach

provides enough protection from most predators. And if they happen to run into trouble, they can jump 12 feet

in one leap, and reach a safe point.

Just check out the pictures to get an idea of their climbing capabilities.


crazy_goats_11 (466x699, 98 Kb)



 (522x699, 88Kb)

 (493x699, 118Kb)

 (464x699, 83Kb)

 (525x699, 114Kb)

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 (588x391, 61Kb)

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 (477x699, 66Kb)

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